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It all started with

a flower in Sweden. I got a hold of my fathers camera and took a picture of a sunflower outside lying in waterbed with the sky reflecting bright blue. That was the start of my career in photography.I was 12 years old and I was hooked for life. But I didn’t know then and there that I would be working with it world wide 12 years later.

Through out the years I have done a lot of things, not only in photography but also in my life. I’ve been living in Switzerland moved a couple of times and finally landed back in Sweden again where I moved a bit more but finally I’ve stayed in one place for quite some time now.With my base in beautiful Sweden, the country with most of the population is trees, it’s hard not to have a good setting to photograph in.But my heart lives in the United Arab Emirates, or more exactly Dubai. Where I have a secret longing to live some day. As you’ve might notice I travel a lot down there and I someday I hope to open my own studio there.

As a 16 year old I started working part time as a wedding photographer along side of my studies, by the time I hit 18 years I competed in The Swedish Masters in Photography for the first time, I got rewarded with both Silver, Bronze and Honorable mention diploma. Three diplomas in total and two shiny medals, became Swedens 6th best professional photographer. This was a real kick!But due to studies I had to take a break from photography, which lasted 3 years and one of them in Switzerland.All of that ”free” time got me thinking and with even more power I came back. This time with a Instagram account which allowed me to connect with people all over the world.

And what happened with the sunflower picture? I sold it via a image agency, and that was a trigger for 12 year old me.

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